Authentic and budget all-you-can-eat-sushi in Tokyo! Itamae sushi.


Do you know our all-you-can-eat course?


You can enjoy our finest sushi for 70 minutes at only 3980YEN! What surprises you is not only the price, but also the quality. We source the freshest raw fish from Tsukiji fish market, which includes fatty tuna.


Everyone loves how fatty tuna melts on your tongue.

Okay. We know fatty tuna is not as cheap as other fish. But at our special course, you can eat any tuna literally as much as you want like the picture!

No one can say no to tuna.

Our sushi is all finely crafted by experienced sushi chefs.

Do you sometimes find crabs or seaurchin bit fishy?
Don’t worry. When they are fresh, they don’t smell like that. Our ingredients are all so fresh that there is no smell.

These are a scallop nigiri and a shirimp nigiri.
Their freshness is shining on the surface.

Some people order seaurchin and Japanese beef steak at the same time, and…


Put seaurchin on beef nigiri like an original sushi!

Slightly grilled salmon with mayonnaise is popular among sushi lovers.

We have many other nigiri for the course!

Other than nigiri, we have a great selection of sushi. Fried shrimp with avocado temaki is among the popular ones.

Our menu also has a variety of non-sushi food, such as Tyawan-mushi, fried oysters, miso soup and salad.

Our top record is 25 pieces of fatty tuna, 17 pieces of Japanese beef steak and 15 pieces of seaurchin! But still it’s 3980YEN! (Female:3480YEN)


All-you-can-eat-course is available only on the weekdays from 5PM~10PM.
We have six seats. *Reservation is available on Gurunavi, Tabelog or call.
Time limit: 70minutes(Last orders are 20 minutes before.)
Price: Male 3980YEN+Tax.
Female: 3480YEN+Tax.
Elementary school children: 1980YEN+Tax (Children under elementary school age are not charged)

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Itamae Sushi Ueno

Ueno C‐road Bldg 1・2F, 4-4-5, Ueno, taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0005, Japan

Mon-Sat, Public Holidays

5min. from Asakusa by Ginza line. Also 5min. from Akihabara by JR line.

March 22,2019