Hi, we are entertaining sushi restaurant, Itamae Sushi.

If you came Japan to enjoy “Japanese Food”, you should be aware of variety of Japanese food. When you go “Japanese food restaurant”, you might get food which is different from what you want to get. Unlike Italian restaurant or Hamburger restaurant, Japanese food is categorized into very small pieces.

Here are some famous Japanese food categories for tourists.


Kappou generally means the high-grade Japanese restaurant. However, Japanese restaurants around Kyoto are originally called Kappou. Kappou doesn’t have a regular menu. They customize menu by your favorites food or what you want to eat. Therefore, you will eat only-one menu for you.


Kaiseki is also high-grade Japanese restaurant. But it is more casual than Kaiseki. Kaiseki was originally served during tea ceremony. Not like Kappou, Kaiseki has a regular menu.

Kyodo Ryori

Kyodo (=local) Ryori (=food). You get it. Divided by mountains, many villages developed their own local food. In Tokyo, many chefs from all around Japan serve their own Kyodo Ryori in their restaurant.

Okinawa Ryori

Okinawa Ryori is one of Kyodo Ryori. Separated from main land, Okinawa developed special food custom influenced by China. Taiwan is close to Okinawa, so Okinawa Ryori is more like Chinese food than Japanese food.


Soba is one of Japanese traditional soul food. This noodle is made from buckwheat flour. There are many soba restaurants in Tokyo, and you can enjoy each soba’s characteristic.


Okonomiyaki is made around 20th century. On top of the pancake made of wheat and cabbage, we usually put meat or fish or egg. This food is loved around Osaka. When you go to Hiroshima, you should try Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki. It contains noodle in the normal Okonomiyaki.


Yakitori means grilled chicken in Japanese. Chicken cut to small pieces are skewered on a bamboo stick. It is coated by sauce tastes like BBQ sauce.


It is said that Japan is the only country to eat a blowfish (=fugu). Fugu is famous for its poison. Japanese chefs have been accumulated techniques to eat Fugu, and now, there is the license to cook fugu. Without this license, chefs are forbidden to cook and serve fugu.
You can enjoy fried fugu or raw fugu in fugu restaurant.


Unagi (=an eel) is a special food for Japanese. Unagi can be an energy for work, or a feast for special day. Unagi caught near Japanese sea is the best to eat. There are unagi caught near China, but it tastes not good as Japanese one.


Shabushabu is made in 20th century. This is a pot dish which dumps thin-sliced beef and pork into boiled water. The sauce is different between Shabushabu restaurant, so you should go many restaurants and try it.


Sukiyaki is also a pot dish. Not like Shabushabu, we dump sliced meat into soy sauce and sugar. You may be surprised by seasoning by sugar, but it is really good.


Sushi may be the most famous Japanese food for tourists. You can enjoy sushi in Kappou or Kaiseki, but we recommend you eat in Sushi restaurant. Sushi chef knows the most of fish, and how to cook them. Sushi was first made in 17th century, and it still develops to better food.
These are famous Japanese food categories. You will find your favorites.
In Itamae Sushi, you can enjoy sushi in 17th century-style. We made interior decoration like Edo-era. If you want to try real sushi, you should come to Itamae Sushi.

April 10,2019