Sushi is not just tuna or salmon! Why don’t you try more wonderful sushi items that you have never eaten?

When you come to Japan for sightseeing, you go to a sushi restaurant, right?
If you come to Japan to see the sights, you have go to a sushi restaurant, right?
However, many people eat nothing but sushi rolls, salmon and tuna. Why don’t you try some delicious sushi toppings that are only in Japan?

Why are foreign customers always having the same sushi items and not trying something new?
Perhaps they think “I can’t imagine the taste” or “I might get an upset stomach”?

Don’t worry! Japanese fish freshness preservation technology is outstanding. The fish that are caught and Ikejime* on the ship, immediately frozen in ice and refrigerated. We have the technology and ingenuity to eat fish safely and deliciously by tradition.
Relax and enjoy the unique tastes of your travel destination!

The next step you should try If you just keep ordering regular tuna or salmon is

⬛️ White-fleshed fish
Tai (sea bream)
Buri (yellowtail), Nodo-Guro(black-throat seaperch)

⬛️ Silver-skinned fish
Aji (horse mackerel), Kohada (gizzard shad), Shime-Saba (marinated mackerel)

⬛️ Shellfish
Tsubu-gai(ivory shell), Aka-gai(ark shell)

These menus are very popular and delicious pallets among foreign customers who are not used to eating fresh raw fish! There is almost no chance to taste these fish in sushi abroad, and above all, they taste wonderful!
We would love you to try sushi that can only be enjoyed in Japan and be happy!

*Ikejime is a Japanese original technique that keeps the fish meat fresh by making the fish braindead quickly.

November 01,2019