Otōshi (Appetizing Small Dishes)

Simple dishes like appetizers are frequently served at Japanese-style pubs without ordering anything.
They are called “otōshi” (appetizing small dishes) which are Japanese food tradition dating back to some time in the Edo Period (1603-1868).
When you order sake at a Japanese-style pub, a dish going well with sake is served at the same time.
This custom has been handed down as “Omotenashi” or hospitality with a wish to have you more enjoy drinking sake and dishes without waiting time. Please enjoy Japanese cuisine culture, otōshi.

> Note <

Otōshi are usually priced at between \300 to \500 in average. The prices vary from one pub to another.
Some pubs consider the charges to be fees of table reservation and other pubs offer the service for free.

November 08,2019