We believe all the elements of Japanese culture are rolled into one Sushi restaurant. Come and have a great cultural experience here at Itamae Sushi in Tokyo.

The history of sushi goes back a thousand years, and the technique used today has been passed down over 200 years. Sushi requires the meticulous preparation, and the technique as well as the passion and the devotion of sushi chefs (Itamae) have garnered fans and gained popularity of sushi to this day.

At sushi restaurants, fish is chosen according to season. While you can enjoy tuna all year round, thanks to the development of freezing technology, October through March is the tuna’s actual season. If you can feel the season by looking at the sushi offered, you’ve legitimately become a sushi connoisseur.


We would like our guests to not just enjoy our food but also have fun. We pride ourselves in originality and we are sure you will experience something different. Our tuna-cutting live performance is one of them. You can see the fish, eat the fish, and have fun with the fish here at Itamae Sushi.